Hens Night In Melbourne 

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Hens Night In Melbourne

Perhaps there’s no occasion more sentimental and fun-filled than hens night. Sending your bride-to-be off in true Aussie fashion is an honour, and it demands thorough planning and attention to detail. Whether you’re hosting a hen’s night in Melbourne or simply joining in on the fun, the shindy needs to be a bloody success. This long-lived tradition has spawned several hens night ideas, with the following ranking among the most popular.

  • Hens yoga class
  • Strip show
  • Pop up picnics
  • Day spa
  • Pole dancing class
  • Private cruise
  • Photoshoot day
  • Private wine tour
  • Party bus and show
  • Hens night specials
  • Cocktail making classes
  • Gin Class

Hens Night In Melbourne Essentials
No hens night in Melbourne is complete without custom accessories and promiscuous decorations. Incorporating these details makes your bride feel both spoiled and loved, ensuring that her send-off is one for the books. If you’ve been tasked with gathering essentials for the hens night in Melbourne, consider the following items.

  • Playlist
  • Willy accessories
  • Personalized shirts
  • L plate
  • Balloons
  • Streamers
  • Games
  • Booze
  • Matching pyjamas
  • Temporary tattoos

Hens Night Games
In order for a hens night in Melbourne by Males Strippers in Melbourne to reach optimal entertainment, games are a must. Once you’ve enjoyed some bevvies with the girls, here are some amusing games that’ll keep the mood lighthearted and cheeky.

  • Advice For The Bride
  • Mr. & Mrs. Quiz
  • Who’s Who?
  • Bridal Bingo
  • Prosecco Pong
  • Cocktail Quiz
  • Wedding Charades
  • Truth Or Dare
  • Never Have I Ever
  • Pin The Trunks On The Hunks
  • Hen Party Pictionary
  • Find The Groom
  • Make A Mold
  • Nickname Quiz

Ginger Things Up
Even the most reserved of newlyweds come out of their shell for their special bash. It’s for this reason why male strippers and topless waiters are the perfect additions to any hens night in Melbourne. Here are some perks of hiring hunky men for the big night. Find Hens Night Melbourne http://www.malestrippersinmelbourne.com.au

  • They liven things up
  • They’re down for anything
  • Easy on the eyes
  • Cater to your every need
  • They’re classy yet sexy
  • Respectful and professional

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